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Registration for Afterschool Universe Training

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
September 23-24, 2013

Registration Deadline: September 14

This will be a 2-day comprehensive, in-person training that will prepare you to lead an Afterschool Universe program or train others to do so. We cover a lot of material in this time, so please plan to be on time and stay all day on both days. After successfully completing this training, you will receive a certificate which documents your participation.

This training is free to all participants, and contingent upon sufficient signups. Due to government facility security considerations, we will only be accepting US Citizens for this training. At this time there is no way to participate in this training at a distance, and we cannot cover travel expenses if you need to travel to attend.

Please note that while anybody can access the online program resources or attend one of our in-person trainings, the curriculum is targeted at kids in out-of-school-time programs in the middle-school age range (rising fifth graders to eighth graders), and this training will be tailored towards people that work with those groups.

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